March 871, 2020

It’s better. It’s certainly better.

There’s more public events, more friend and family visits, more things approaching normalcy. I’ve rediscovered drive-in movie theaters, and Disney+ and MCU Phase Four are in full gear. The swimming pool is open.

There are still ants. Lots of ants. We should have bought stock in diatomaceous earth, but like the vaccine it helps keep the ants down. I’ve been under the house to seal gaps with expanding foam. We’ve drowned out whole nests with hose water. They keep coming. Like COVID, anything less than 100% lockdown leaves a window for the ants to thrive. At least they’re not evolving. : knocks wood :

Good news, the writing is back. I’m sixty thousand words into what should be a hundred-and-twenty thousand word novel.

About John Lowell

That's me, on the left, as one of Her Majesty's Yeomen of the Guard. A weekend hobby. During the week, I work at a job, then come home to my beautiful wife and darling sons (one is full of boundless energy and a desire to see all the things, the other is full of curiosity and a desire to eat all the things). I write stories about magic.

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