There may come a time in your writing career, probably before you get your big six-figure publishing contract, but maybe after — we all have a different path — where you will need to write a letter to your potential mortgage company or the bank lending you money to buy a house explaining that, yes, you are a writer. Yes, you have business expenses that you report on your taxes. You will continue to operate this business. You do not expect either your income or expenses from this business to drastically increase. It breaks your heart to write, but it’s better than telling them you’ve ceased your endeavors.

Rule number one remains: Don’t quit your day job.

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That's me, on the left, as one of Her Majesty's Yeomen of the Guard. A weekend hobby. During the week, I work at a job, then come home to my beautiful wife and darling sons (one is full of boundless energy and a desire to see all the things, the other is full of curiosity and a desire to eat all the things). I write stories about magic.

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